I Want My Carpet Cleaned Inc. supports the world around it, and although there are several imperative works to be done there is only so much any individual or company can do.

 For this reason, as we have tried to, since the beginning of this company and plan on doing in the long term through support behind The Stollery Childrens' Foundation.

Newly targeted to be added to support goals are:

 1)Methods to reduce our water usage, or perhaps cutting the water usage of others through offers that may be made from time to time. Water is of course not only important to the cleaning industry but life in general, and for these and other reasons we feel that we are in a position to aid in the reduction of water usage, and the poluting of our water systems in general.  (This is a recent undertaking and will be ongoing improvements will occur over time.)

2)Raising awareness of a group of Diseases that are collectively referred to as Mitochondrial Diseases. Little known in general population, as well as medical circles. What can be learned today may improve the quality of life for many of us tomorrow.

(I am sure for one legal reason or another  I have to say that this company or any persons or sites affiliated with it offer no medical advice, in any way or manner. However there are sources of information out there that can help to understand what these diseases are please consult a physician before following any advice on these or any other medical situation.)


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